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As seen in Les Indegivrables by cartoonist Xavier Gorce


Ten years after the emergence of the first greenhouse gas accounting methods (Bilan Carbone®, GHG Protocol, ISO 14064-1) greenhouse gas assessments are now a key stage in the environmental action taken by companies and local authorities.  

Through the development of various GHG assessment methods, France has moved ahead in recent years and now stands as one of the most dynamic players internationally.  

French regulations have confirmed this commitment, making GHG assessment an integral part of a strategic approach for companies and local authorities. There is more to be done, however, to go farther and encourage as many entities as possible to adopt this course of action.  

ADEME is convening this conference for the first time to discuss and debate this essential initial step in carbon management. This meeting will: 

- Tell us where we stand today and why we should do more

- Position France and its initiatives on the international scene 

- Raise awareness of the issues, e.g. indirect emissions, sectoral approaches, how to take emission reduction action into account 

- How to make this step into a truly strategic advance for organisations 

- Give actors a chance to meet each other. 

Throughout the two-day conference you will have a choice of plenary sessions and workshops during which you can compare your experiences, raise issues, identify the stakes, and publicise and share good carbon practices. 

This conference sponsored by ADEME is aimed at all the actors involved: companies, local authorities and government bodies, whether subject to regulations or not, and engineering firms, international entities, observatories, etc.



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